Oakland Raiders Defense Struggling to Neutralize Opponents’ Best Weapons

The Oakland Raiders see the heavy blow coming and still get punched in the mouth.

When comparing an NFL matchup to a boxing match, the Raiders defense knows the opponents’ strengths, takes the punches but fails to rise up off the mat. 

In the previous two outings, Oakland has been knocked out by the expected effective jab or the right hook we all saw coming.

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown and Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson are the most effective offensive weapons on those respective rosters, we all knew it, yet defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. failed to come up with a game plan to counter the obvious.

Oakland’s pattern of losing contain on the opposing team’s primary weapon dates back to Week 2.

Quarterback Derek Carr put together a miraculous game-winning drive to erase any thoughts about an ineffective defense against an offensively challenged Baltimore Ravens team.

How can the Raiders allow guys like Ravens wideout Steve Smith Sr., Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte, Brown and Peterson to heavily impact the game as primary weapons who demand so much defensive game planning in the film room?

Is the Raiders defense so devoid of talent that Norton simply cannot stop what’s coming on Sundays? Or does this fall on Norton to do a better job in preparation?

Whatever the case, the Raiders will attempt to defend against another offensive juggernaut in Week 11. Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson still devours pass defenses as the NFL’s No. 10-ranked wideout in receiving yards. Oakland felt his wrath in the previous outing between these two teams, per Associated Press writer Josh Dubow.

Part of becoming a playoff contender is taking away, or at least slowing down, what the opponent does best. Will Norton have an answer for Megatron?


Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders