Oakland Raiders: Confront, Confound, Confuse and Conquer the Opponents

2011 Pep Talk

What's the plan for 2011? It's time to take a stand and to have a consistent plan.

Right now is the time to make the plan, and to rehearse it, over and over to the point of perfect execution. As far as some of us are concerned, there is no so-called "offseason."

Every day is a day of preparation at different levels and stages.

The commitment to excellence for the Oakland Raiders is a year-around effort. Yes, there will be times that some rest and recuperation occur, but for the most part, the mentality is to be fully prepared at all times to think, plan and execute plays.

Mental preparation often precedes physical manifestations of brilliant moves on the playing field.

It's sort of like a chess player, always thinking of moves to confound and defeat its opponent.

One of my colleagues is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and we discuss football sometimes during our breaks between classes. Dr. Rod Holmes is a brilliant young man. He knows that I am a Raiders' fan.

He also knows that I am fully convinced that the Oakland Raiders are on their way up, and that one team I believe they will conquer is the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Well, this year, it didn't happen. Late in the season the Steelers defeated the Raiders.

Have I given up hope? No. Instead, I am doing all types of permutations of the data and watching videos, talking to coaches, while researching and studying the situation.

In my style of preparation, you study one of the strongest opponents in order to prepare for lesser opponents,. So, the focus is the Steelers who have won a few more Super Bowls than the Raiders. They are also headed to the Super Bowl in 2011.

This makes my friend, Dr. Rod Holmes, smile. He thinks I am competitive. He's right. I am.

The Oakland Raiders must become more competitive. They must do their homework during this season. As ...

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