Oakland Raiders: Complete 2015 NFL Draft Wrap-Up and Analysis

The Oakland Raiders' draft was similar to surviving a roller coaster ride after your seatbelt unfastens halfway through the ride. It started off safely. Then it started to get downright scary, and at the end you live to talk about it, but you’re still confused about what exactly happened.

Let me explain.

Reggie McKenzie sided with his coaching staff when both Amari Cooper and Leonard Williams were available with the No. 4 overall pick in the draft—and then he ran the show from that point forward. This draft reeks of high-risk high-reward moves, beginning with the second-round pick.

The enigmatic maneuvering reached a high point on Day 3 when the Raiders traded back twice to increase their pick total to 10 for this year’s draft. That’s not all. The selections then went from puzzling to decent to understandable.

A number of Oakland’s picks weren’t horrible choices, but some players lacked the value at the moment they were chosen.

The Raiders entered with three major needs: wide receiver, guard and a pass-rushing defensive end. The key word in the third need is pass-rushing. Strangely, only one of those needs were properly addressed. Yes, prospects were drafted for the other two needs, but the void remains.

I’ll pinpoint some interesting moments over the course of 10 draft selections, and together we’ll untangle one of the more perplexing draft strategies of the 32 teams.

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