Oakland Raiders CB Stanford Routt Compared To Darrelle Revis and Nnamdi Asomugha

Stanford Routt, once again, has been the target of a lot of criticism from Raiders fans. You see it here on Bleacher Report in the comment sections.  Things like, "Stanford Routt has to go," "he sucks," "he gets burned too much."

Well, what most critics don't consider is the fact that he plays opposite of the most feared CB in the NFL.  Quarterbacks usually just forget about the guy that No. 21 is covering.  Let's take a look at how Routt stacks up against the some of the best CBs in the NFL.


Player Team Targets Completions Yards TDs Burn pct. Pass def. 1. Darrelle Revis Jets 56 19 340 4 33.9 10 2. Terrence McGee Bills 21 8 88 1 38.1 2 3. Stanford Routt Raiders 99 39 635 5 39.4 13 3. Nnamdi Asomugha Raiders 33 13 205 0 39.4 6 5. Brandon Carr Chiefs 108 43 758 6 39.8 25 6. Chris Johnson Raiders 42 17 288 3 40.5 9  

These numbers show how often each CB gives up a completion and touchdown.  As you can see, Darrelle Revis tops the list giving up a completed pass just under 34 percent of the times he is targeted.  

Routt is tied with teammate Nnamdi Asomugha for third at 39.4 percent.  One number that jumps out is the touchdowns given up by Routt (four) and Revis (five).  They gave up just about the same, but Routt gives up a TD just under five percent of the times he is thrown at.  Revis got scored on nearly twice as often.

...and of course Asomugha didn't give up any TDs in man-coverage compared to Revis' four.

Opposing quarterbacks are also posting a QB rating of 78.8 when targeting Revis.  When QBs go after Routt, they are averaging a QB Rating of 69.0 and just 66.2 against Asomugha.

Revis also had no interceptions or forced fumbles.  Routt had two interceptions, one for a touchdown and a forced fumble.

Now, I am not trying to say that Routt is...

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