Oakland Raiders: Can the Black Hole Avoid Multiple Blackouts in 2011?

Over 60 percent of the Raiders' games have been blacked out since they moved to Oakland from LA in 1995. The tough economic times and the lack of winning have really hurt the Raiders.

It's no secret that the Raider players need the support from the fans during games. Having a full stadium is like having 12 men on the field. 

Rolando McClain refused to speak to the media until the Raiders sold a game out earlier in the season.

The crowd noise makes it hard for other teams and energizes the home team. This year during the playoffs the power of the 12th man was felt by the New Orleans Saints.

The Seattle Seahawks were able to host the defending Super Bowl champions in the first round despite having a losing record. 

The Seahawks and the 12th man proved to be too much for the Saints.

If the Raiders plan to be excellent again it's going to take a commitment from the players, coaches, owner and fans.

The players must put the time in during the offseason to get better. The coaches need to get their systems together and the owner needs to keep the right players and bring in guys that will help the team improve.

Meanwhile the members of the Raider Nation need to start figuring out ways to fill up the Coliseum. 

Hue Jackson had this to say to the fans.

"Please get excited about our football team, because the time is now. We want to do this now."

There is no doubt that the Raider Nation is ready to win now. Despite going 8-8 in 2010, the fans are still waiting on their first winning season since 2002.

The Raiders finished 5-3 at home in 2010, which is their best home record since going 6-2 in 2002.

The Raiders host the Chiefs, Chargers, Broncos, Patriots, Jets, Bears, Browns and Lions in 2011.

Those are all games the Raiders need to sell out. For the Raiders to continue to rise everyone has to ste...

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