Oakland Raiders Can See the Bright Side of Having Time for Family

We have got to look at the bright side of things. I read an article saying that some folks may need to see a therapist if the 2011 season does not start on time.

Let's look at the bright side.

Now there is time to sit down, talk with and show love to family members. Rather than have our eyes glued to a big screen, screaming and yapping about football, we will have time to look at and talk with family.

There will be more time to play video games with children. That's a good thing. Right?

If football is delayed in 2011, there will be more time to spend with elderly family members or members of our extended family. Wow, I can see the big smile on some elderly person's face. Can you?

There is more time to decorate and rearrange things, rather than standing over a hot pit grilling those beautiful steaks, or whatever you grill.

Think about the good side of this situation.

What keeps some of us going is thinking about the good side of it all.

Go Raiders! Get it resolved NFL! We are ready for some NFL football.

For example., we are ready to see some of those fine plays of Jacoby Ford. We are ready to see the improvement in Jason Campbell. We are ready to see new draftees do their thing.

We are waiting and anticipating an excellent 2011 season.

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