Oakland Raiders: Can Anything Good Happen? Yes, More Rod Woodson Types!


This article was written in 2009, and I was fascinated with the career of Rod Woodson at that time.

Now that the Oakland Raiders have hired him to coach the young Oakland Raiders, we can expect more of his type to be developed under his leadership and coaching in 2011.


The Article—Revisited

It was not that long ago when Rod Woodson, a 6-foot, 200-pound cornerback/safety, played with the Oakland Raiders. He was a member of the team in 2002-03, for two seasons.

My Saturday research to report some positives about the Raiders franchise is what motivated me to write this article.

A recent Bleacher Report article mentioned that many Oakland Raiders have been overlooked by the Pro Football Hall of Fame. That may be true, but a few good men have been recognized and enshrined, too.

In 2009, Rod Woodson was enshrined in the Hall of Fame. On page 17 in the Insider magazine published by the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Woodson is pictured and a biographical sketch is given.

As a member of the Oakland Raiders and other NFL teams, Woodson managed to accomplish the following statistics:

71 interceptions

1,483 interception return yards

2,362 punt return yards

17 touchdowns

The article tells us,

"The Fort Wayne, Indiana native also reached the end zone on an NFL-record 12 interception returns, one fumble return, two punt returns and two kickoff returns.

His interception return yards are also an NFL record and his 71 interceptions rank third all time."

So, I ask you, "Can anything good come out of the Oakland Raiders?"

The answer is "Yes."

Now the context in which Woodson played while with the Oakland Raiders is partially characterized by the data in the chart.

The data indicates there was one good year, and the f...

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