Oakland Raiders: Breaking Down Michael Bush’s Replacements at RB

Michael Bush is a major reason why the Oakland Raiders finished seventh in the NFL in rushing offense with 132 yards per game.

While Darren McFadden nursed his debilitating foot injury, Bush stepped into the starting role with varied success.

After signing a four-year, $14 million contract with the Chicago Bears this offseason, the Raiders are left with little to no insurance in their rushing attack, if the oft-injured McFadden cannot stay out of his street clothes.

There were reports earlier this offseason that Oakland considered signing free-agent running back Cedric Benson. Although, the fact that it took until now for Benson to agree to a contract with the Green Bay Packers indicates that the Raiders might not have had serious interest in the veteran to begin with, according to ESPN.com’s Bill Williamson.

With three unproven backs behind Run DMC on the depth chart, and a fullback built for blocking, it is uncertain if any of them are capable of being a viable second option.

Before determining who Bush’s best replacement will be, it’s important to understand what is lost by his absence.

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