Oakland Raiders Becoming Hue Jackson’s Team: Looks Like Al Davis Trusts Him

It has been reported that Hue Jackson came to Raider Nation to coordinate the offense under the pretext that he would become the head coach if he excelled. Excel he did as he took an offense with a porous offensive line into the top 10 as a unit from No. 31.

But being Davis' head coach doesn't necessarily mean that he completely trusts you. Recent head coach Tom Cable apparently wasn't entrusted completely with his duties.

The staff that coached under Cable was either inherited from Lane Kiffin's days or appointed by Davis. Cable even ended up breaking the jaw of Randy Hanson because Hanson was a Davis spy.

Davis appointed Ted Tollner to be the passing game coordinator during Cable's stint as the Raider's head coach. What I gather from that is, Cable had a good thing going in the beginning with his zone blocking scheme.

So Davis would have to bring in a passing game coordinator because he didn't believe Cable was able to put in a system of offense with a passing game. I'm pretty sure you can add to that the fact that top offensive coordinator's weren't lining up for the job.

It didn't just stop at the offensive side of the ball as Davis hired defensive coordinator John Marshall as well as numerous position coaches. Davis is known for meddling too much and many say he needs to step aside to let someone run the team.

But Davis has a certain philosophy and would probably only entrust his team to a head coach that has the same philosophy. Jackson is that guy so Davis just might be stepping back in his advanced years. 

Turn the page to see why that could be the case.

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