Oakland Raiders: Back-Ups Stepping Up To The Plate In 2011

The season comes to an end, and fans start looking toward an uncertain free agency pool, and the always important NFL draft class. The Oakland Raiders have already made bold decisions as they have changed their coaching outlook heading into the 2011 season and beyond. So far, their decisions have been deemed as positive making the move from Tom Cable to Hue Jackson.

Hue Jackson has made it known what kind of football team he aspires to create. A team of physical dominance and athleticism. A team of mental toughness and discipline. The kind of team that can be a force not just for the present, but also the distant future.

With free agency and the draft approaching, fans look for ways to improve their football team. Often forgotten is the unsung back-ups that have a vast amount of potential, that could one day make true contributions.

This slide show will display those players who in 2011, could fill some true wholes on our roster, leaving the free agency period and NFL Draft room to fill other needs of depth.

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