Oakland Raiders Articles on Facebook Sharing Hopes for 2011

Let's just say that the Oakland Raiders data is discussed with colleagues no matter where we may be. In Washington, DC the fact that I am a Raiders'  fan came up in a meeting.

One reason my love for the Oakland Raiders came up is because I post most of my articles on my Facebook page. My study of the data, personalities and vision for the Oakland Raiders to return to a prominent position in the NFL is shared with other professors in the STEM professions.

In fact, I am encouraging more of the professors and students to delve into the NFL data to find trends and patterns not easily seen by the naked eye.

There are hidden truths to be revealed by looking at charts, pattern recognition studies and other data in the Oakland Raiders database. So much has been said about the shallow media coverage and lack of complete recognition for the good things that the Oakland Raiders have done over many years.

It's time for that to change. Other young writers and analysts need to share their perspectives and clear up poor perceptions about the history of the Oakland Raiders.

Will other folks who love to do data analysis join in and help write powerful and positive articles about the Oakland Raiders? Yes, why not?

Many of us also believe that more Oakland Raiders should be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Do you agree?

In the meantime, let's hope the lockout does not last too long. After all, many of us are excited to see the games begin in 2011.

Go Raiders! Stay focused and give us a great 2011 season!

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