Oakland Raiders Are Not a Joke, but Could Be the Joker in 2012 NFL Season


One B/R participant wrote in the comment strand: "This team is a joke"

There was no period at the end of the sentence, so we can assume that an "r" or a period could be added.

Now, a definition is appropriate for the word "joker." Here is one:

"an extra playing card in a pack, which in many card games can substitute for or rank above any other card."

We are looking for surprise endings to many of the games in 2012. We are looking for the Oakland Raiders to show up and perform some plays that are like "an extra playing card in a pack, which can substitute for or rank above any other card."

The 49ers fan needs to get his facts straight. First, the Oakland Raiders have made dramatic changes and are entering a new era. This means that the data of past, especially in 2002, 2006 and 2010, does not mean much as a predictor of what is going to happen in 2012.

Let's do a little homework on the history of wins from 2004 to 2010:

Raiders 49ers 5 2 4 4 2 7 4 5 5 7 5 8 8 6 8 13 The Oakland Raiders do not play the 49ers during the regular season in 2012. So, a game between the 49ers and the Raiders will have to occur after the regular season or sometime in the future.

When the game does occur, I conjecture that the Oakland Raiders are going to surprise the 49ers somewhat like the joker surprises opponents in a good card game.

Go Raiders!

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