Oakland Raiders Are Moving Up, As Is Texas Southern, Sending Many To NFL

For several years, both my favorite NFL team and my favorite SWAC college team had a few challenges. Suddenly in 2010, things are looking up for the Oakland Raiders and Texas Southern University.

Some great NFL players attended colleges in the SWAC conference—The SWAC conference is composed of historically black colleges and universities. At one time in history, many of the players from this conference were in the AFL. Now, they show up in the NFL.

Some of the past players who attended Texas Southern University were:

W. K. Hicks

Winston Hill

Michael Strahan

Ernie Holmes

And many others.

Recently, Texas Southern University's (TSU) performance on the gridiron has been impressive with a record of 7-3.

One of the young players who may be scouted on Pro Day 2011 is Joseph Anderson, who had a 61-yd touchdown in the game against Alabama A & M back in September. In that game, he had seven receptions and 210 yards, with an average of 28.7. He is a young wide receiver.

The dynamics around this young man at TSU and in his family are fantastic.

Cuddie, a Texas Southern student who is a pre-law major, said:

"His father and mother showed great school spirit for their son, Joe Anderson, at the homecoming game by wearing TSU gear. His father stood up the whole game even though others could not see. He cheered his son and the team on to victory."

This same type of spirit is in the Raider Nation. This writer is excited that her favorite teams are now experiencing a winning streak. The mathematics of the situation for both teams is looking much better, and both the students and Raider Nation are feeling better, too.

Can you imagine the comments the Raider Nation is making? Of course, TSU students are making comments, too, as they hear their professor brag on th...

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