Oakland Raiders and the Lockout: Welcome to Purgatory, Raider Nation

Like any regular season, the time between the Super Bowl and the Draft is normally a time set aside for trading, dealing, free agency or maneuvering for draft picks.

If you have been in a coma for the last couple weeks, this isn't your everyday normal season. The collective group known as the owners, have assured us of this.

For the Raider Nation, the waiting to see if Al Davis can swing a deal for Asomugha continues to buzz in the background. Deals made before the lockout came crashing down, have question marks beside them, depending on when or if a salary cap will make them realistic. Some coaches around the league pace in their collective offices, wondering when or if they will get a chance to see a future player perform, or will that person's development will be pushed back for months—even ruining a career or two.

Some contemplations that have surfaced, have ranged from players meeting apart from the team, to stay in touch and stay focused on football, while others have started selling their services to other sports, in case this lockout goes more than a year. No Raiders, as yet have decided to take up hockey, baseball or basketball, but I could imagine that Jacoby Ford would love to race against Chris Johnson in the track and field contests.

As all things Raider grind to a halt, some might even wonder if Al Davis will again, be called on to save the day. Considering his actions the last time both sides wanted to play stick in the mud, one has to wonder what threat Al could bring to the meeting—calling out demons or using his presence just to invoke progress.

As it stands, the Raiders have a lot to lose, both short-term and long term, with this lockout. For one, the momentum that stands from an 8-8 season, a young team with hope for better things and vets that are sticking around, from the long-term standpoint, possible help for the team to fund another stadium deal, given in California's cu...

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