Oakland Raiders and the Lockout: Al Davis, Coaching and Best-Worse Case Scenario

Okay, we can argue the good and bad sides to the NFL lockout. We can argue the money, that most of us will never see in our lifetimes, is being tossed around while both sides whine that the other is being untruthful, unrealistic and downright irritating.

But as it sits for the Raiders, the team did some last-minute pickups, beating the paperwork gurus to decertification process, buying the team some extra names.

Granted, since no one is sure how things like free agency, the draft or even how restricted free agents will work, once this has all panned out, there are a couple scenarios that can play out well for the Raiders while some would cause a massive breakout of chaos. And if football is played in 2011, it's anyone's guess on what will happen.

First of all, the best-case scenario. No, we're not going to say that tomorrow both sides sit down over a box of tacos and patch things up. No, I'm not that crazy to think it would happen. By the Fourth of July, as draft picks, agents and coaches start ratcheting up pressure for their clients and players to get prepared, someone is going to crack.

It could happen a lot sooner, depending on how the antitrust case cracks the ownership ranks. Can you imagine Tom Brady going one-on-one with Robert Kraft? Or what Robert Gallery would really like to say to Al Davis? I'm sure more than a few of us would like to know how Al Davis created a few lump sums of $350 million on short notice...does he have the devil on call-waiting just for free agency?

Another good scenario that could play out would be that the former existing system, with just a few changes like a salary cap for rookies or expanding the salary cap for vet-class players who have played more than seven years, would remain. This would provide more funding for those who have served in the league longer, and should be justifiable in earning better money.

One idea that would be a nice change of pace would be to estab...

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