Oakland Raiders and Texas Southern University Made Us Half-Happy With New Trend

We all select our favorite teams in different ways. Some folks are born into the Raider Nation. Others watched the teams and decided on their favorites.

My connection with the Oakland Raiders started when I realized that Al Davis was an advocate for change. He made some powerful moves that indicated he wanted change in the NFL and in our society.

Years ago, Davis saw a film and he thought he was looking at Otis Taylor from Prairie View University. The player that he was watching was Warren Wells. Davis found a way to get Wells to play for the Oakland Raiders. At the time, the Kansas City Chiefs had too many wide receivers according to the old stories. It was a great decision to select Wells because he has been described as the prototype wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders.

Wells demonstrated integrity and intensity on the playing field. In 1969 he was recognized as the top wide receiver in the NFL. Wells attended Texas Southern University (TSU).

The TSU team had many talented players as far back as 42 years ago. They are making history on Dec. 11, playing in a championship game in Alabama.

The resurgence of interest in TSU is solely because Johnnie Cole, the head coach, has come up with a plan to return the team to glory.

Parallel to TSU's challenge, the Oakland Raiders have had their peaks and valleys. In 2010 the Oakland Raiders are coming out of a valley. In the AFC West, they are looking very good.

Last week I wrote an article tagging myself as "half-happy" since TSU is headed toward a SWAC championship. Now that the Oakland Raiders defeated the San Diego Chargers on  Dec. 5, I can describe myself and others as *three-quarters happy." Some of us won't be able to call ourselves "happy" until the Oakland Raiders win their division and head toward the playoffs.

For now, let's honor TSU and hope that both teams have favor and accomplish great things in 2010. Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders