Oakland Raiders: Alex Smith Trade Makes 49ers an Ideal Trade Partner

As the Oakland Raiders move closer and closer to the 2013 NFL Draft, the simple fact that Oakland needs help—a lot of help—remains as clear as ever.

Since the 2012 season ended, rumors around Oakland have swirled about the possibility of trading down in the draft in order to stockpile multiple picks in the early rounds. The problem was, there didn't appear to be many teams who fit the bill.

Enter the San Francisco 49ers.

As multiple outlets have reported early Wednesday morning, Oakland's Bay Area neighbors appear poised to send Alex Smith to Kansas City in exchange for their 2013 second-round pick and another future pick.

So what does all of this have to do with Oakland?

With the raiders clinging to the third pick in the upcoming draft (and then nothing until round three), San Francisco's astonishing twelve picks have become more and more appealing.

For the Niners, a team coming off an appearance in the Super Bowl, it's hard to imagine they need a ton of help in re-stocking their roster. In fact, one would assume they're more interested in finding one or two players who will make a major impact this season.

Oakland, on the other hand, could definitely use an impact player, however, finding a handful of guys who can contribute is clearly more attractive.

So what could Oakland and San Francisco potentially swap?

In the first three rounds of this year's draft, San Francisco holds a total of five picks (assuming the Smith trade is completed). Aside from their first round pick (No. 30), they would hold the first pick in the second round, the 30th pick in the second round and then the 12th and 31st pick in the third round.

Now clearly Oakland would hope to do better than the 30th pick in the first round when giving up a top-three pick, but would they really turn down a chance to get something like San Francisco's first three picks this sea...

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