Oakland Raiders: Al Davis Can Finally Make His Dollars Make Sense This Offseason

Every football fan in America these days knows of the big mistakes Al Davis has made in recent years. Both draft busts and free-agent busts have led football fans to believe that Davis has completely lost his way with the Raiders.

Davis did come back with his best offseason in years last year and it was somehow attributed to Tom Cable, who was recently fired as head coach. With that now in the rear view mirror, Davis now has a chance to get it right if/when the collective bargaining agreement is made.

One thing I believe I can safely assume is that there will be some type of salary cap whatever the agreement may finally be. The salary cap has gone up the last few years by an average $7 million per year.

The last salary cap number was $128 million in 2009 so I will guess the cap number to be at $141 million as it indicates a $14 million bump in two years. The Raider's payroll was $152 million in 2010 and they have a lot of key free agents of their own to try to keep. 

That doesn't look very good with the estimated cap number.

So how can the Raiders bring in some good players to fill needs while keeping their current key players?

Turn the page to see how.

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