Oakland Raiders Above Average in Several All-Time Categories Heading into 2011

If you look at the all-time data for all 32 NFL franchises and focus on certain categories, you realize that the Oakland Raiders are above average in several ways.

First, let's get the average of all of the win-loss averages for the 32 teams. It is .5008.

Well, the Oakland Raiders ended up with a .549 at the end of the 2010 season. Like it or not, that is above the average by about .049 points.

Similarly, if you look at the number of times a particular team has made it to the playoffs, we see that the average for all 32 teams is 17.5. Again, the Oakland Raiders have made it to the playoffs 21 times, and clearly that, too, is above the average.

Now, let's average the number of championships each team has played in. The average is 2.968, whereas the Oakland Raiders have three. Once again, the Oakland Raiders exceed the average.

You can smile when you remember the number of Super Bowls the Oakland Raiders have won. For all 32 teams, the average number of Super Bowls won is 1.40. The Oakland Raiders are well above the average and don't forget that 11 teams have never won a Super Bowl. This means about one-third of the teams in the league do not have even one Super Bowl victory or ring.

The odds look good for many of us to believe that if we exceed the average in so many categories, we can do it again, and shock those who do not believe it can happen.

It's my opinion after looking at the circumstance and the data that the Oakland Raiders can "move it on up" and head to the playoffs and beyond.

Get ready for some football, Raider Nation! Our team is above average and we have to believe that it can happen and that it will happen in 2011. What will happen? We are aiming for a Super Bowl win, again!

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