Oakland Raiders: A Statistical Look at Gale Sayers and Warren Wells

If numbers don't make a difference, then why does the NFL compile so many statistics?

Numbers do make a difference.

Other variables also weigh in to help measure the performance of outstanding Oakland Raiders and others, like Gale Sayers.

Here is another comparison to give the fans an idea of the rich history of the Oakland Raiders; it also gives something for this generation of Oakland Raiders to chase toward, when they say they are "chasing excellence."

We need more young players to be "dream chasers and catchers" in 2011.

Some players have short careers. When I surveyed a class and ask them how long is the typical NFL career, a guy held up four fingers. I told him I read that the average is about three and a half years.

Look at this data. Let's make another "outrageous comparison" to stimulate a more detailed discussion:

Touchdowns Rush/Rec/Punt First five years and more             Warren Wells Gale Sayers     0   x   1964   military   22   1965   military   12   1966   6   9   1967   11   2   1968 same era 14   8   1969 same era 11   0   1970 same era In we put things in the context of the era and the times, Gale Sayers and Warren Wells could have had careers of the exact same length, but for one factor that existed in the Sixties.

Warren Wells was pulled out of his professional football career and entered the United States Army in 1965 through 1966. There was a mandatory draft during those days.

Now, if the Hall of Fame recognizes the NFL players who have served in the military (and they do have such a display), then it makes sense that they could count the years of military service that interrupted those players football career.

Just as government agencies honor the military se...

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