Oakland Raiders: 8 Most Exciting Position Battles to Keep an Eye on This Summer

Dennis Allen and Reggie McKenzie spent the winter locked in a cold, dark film room analyzing college draft prospects, free agents and the Raiders roster. Spring is draft season, and new life will be added to the roster to compete with the veterans.

Before anyone realizes it, the summer will be here and the fight for starting jobs will be hotter than the central valley heat in July.

The work Allen and McKenzie put in during the winter and spring will determine what happens this summer. Will a position of weakness be one of strength by June? Did the Raiders make the right moves to set the team up for success in 2012 and beyond?

It's not always a team's strengths that determines success. Weaknesses can be just as vital. Those weaknesses are often where we find position battles; two or more players trying to make a name for themselves in the NFL.

What positions could see a battle in 2012, and what players are fighting for a spot?

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