Oakland Raiders: 5 Integral Players for a 2012 Turnaround

The Oakland Raiders need a flawless offseason if they want to make any noise in the AFC West next year.

Their 2011-2012 campaign had a promising start. Running back Darren McFadden looked unstoppable and Jason Campbell was solid as the starting quarterback. 

But things quickly changed when these two suffered season-ending injuries before the midway point of the season, prompting the pricey Carson Palmer trade.

The end result was an 8-8 finish, good for third place in the AFC West.

The Raiders will have a hard time bringing in new talent this offseason because they have little money to spend on free agents and only a few late-round selections in the upcoming draft. 

This slide show will highlight five players who must step up their game so that the Raiders can make a turnaround in 2012.

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