Oakland Raiders 2015 Draft: The Good, the Bad and the Baffling

Now that the 2015 NFL draft has come and gone, it's time to take a look at how the Oakland Raiders did. With lots of needs and plenty of picks thanks to a couple of Day 3 trades, the Raiders were in a great position to greatly improve the roster.

In 2014, the Raiders came away with several starters. In 2015, the team once again added 2-3 potential starters. More importantly, Oakland came away this year with much-needed depth at several positions.

Aside from the team's first-round pick, there aren't any big names in Oakland's group of draft picks. But what should become noticeable once training camp begins is that the team now has many more options.

And while the top of the team's overall talent pool might not have changed much, the middle of the roster is much stronger now than it was before.

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