Oakland Raiders 2012 Results: Why Bother Waiting for the Games?


With the regular season now less than two weeks away, Fantasy Football fanatics all across this pigskin-crazed nation will settle into their recliners and study strength of schedules, performance on turf and average yards per carry on Thursday night games played outdoors in inclement weather. Countless hours are spent predicting the outcomes of individual player performance in order to assemble this year’s winning team in the Lower Middleburough Over 40 Fantasy Football League! 

And with that spirit of divination in mind we launch into a look the 2012 Oakland Raider season.  Using our keen insight and uncanny predictive abilities we have accurately predicted the outcome of every game. How can we be so sure, you ask?  Easy we say!  We have taken the glasses of Jimmy the Greek, a petrified hair from the well-coifed head of Mel Kiper Jr., Adam Schefter’s toe nail and some stray saliva taken from John Madden’s microphone to create a potion granting the recipient the power of prediction. Granted, it tasted horrible but I think the results were well worth it!

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