Oakland Raiders’ 2012 Draft Wish List: RB Terrance Ganaway

With Michael Bush signing with the Chicago Bears, the Raiders have a big hole at running back.  

They are lacking a running back that can power through defenders with force. Darren McFadden is certainly capable of doing so, just ask Eric Weddle.  

But it's not something he looks to do on a regular basis.

This free agency period has featured many running backs that can be classified as power backs, but none were worth the money.

BenJarvis Green-Ellis and Michael Bush were looking for more money.  

Marion Barber and Brandon Jacobs were running on empty last season—Jacobs recently signed a cheap deal with the 49ers and Barber has retired.

The draft featured a few choices at power back.  

There are players that have the power back-builds, such as Daniel Herron of Ohio State, Trent Richardson of Alabama, Doug Martin of Boise State and Robert Turbin.of Utah State. 

Each of these players have a reason why they are not the one featured in this article.

Richardson and Martin are players that are not going to be available by the time the Raiders first pick comes around, and while Herron has a good build, he isn't physically talented enough to be featured as a power back.  

Robert Turbin is certainly an exciting player and could be of great value.  

He had a tremendous season at Utah State, but that's also the problem: Utah State doesn't exactly play against the best teams and it's possible that his stats would not be as good as they were if he played in a bigger conference.  

Terrance Ganaway, on the other hand, has it all.  

Ganaway played in the Big 12 Conference—one of the better conferences.  

At 6'0" and 241 lbs, Ganaway is a tank. Not only is he abnormally large, he is fast for his size.  At the combine, Ganaway ran a 4.63 and improved at his Pro Day by...

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