Oakland Raiders 2011 Playoff Push: Predicting an AFC West Takeover

For those who are following the NFL lockout, you know that a sense of optimism is now in our midst. It seems we very well could have a full NFL season heading into 2011, as the Oakland Raiders look to improve on their 8-8 record in 2010.

As fans, we have all expressed our belief that the Raiders are primed for a playoff push. It would be the first time the Raiders have made the playoffs in almost a full decade. The era of embarrassing losses and mainstream media jokes is now over, and it is time to show the NFL that the Oakland Raiders are ready to become contenders once again.

In order for the Raiders to make this statement, multiple things must go right. The core of this team has to be hungry for victory. The Raiders finally have that kind of team with young players coming from winning college programs. Add that element with veterans who have had success and also have something to prove and you have a more focused and disciplined football team.

The Raiders are headed in the right direction, there are some bright days to come for this franchise.

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