Oakland Raiders: 11 Men with More Than 11 Reasons for Victory in 2011

On a recent trip to Washington, I visited the area where the NFL owners and players were at one time negotiating to determine the outcome of the 2011 lockout.

When I returned home, I had to get a connecting flight in Dallas, Texas. My flight number was 1,001. That number is divisible by 11.

As I sat in the aisle seat, I looked over and saw a man reading a book that looked very interesting. I wished that I had a copy of that book.

I hoped there would be some advice for me in it, and that what I would learn from the book would enrich my writing about the Oakland Raiders.

I got off the plane and cast my eyes to the right and downward. On the shelf was the book that I wanted to read.

Then, a few days later, the book fell open on page 129 in Chapter 11.

Also, one of my digital recorders documented a conversation I had with a person who was not that excited about my sports and STEM project. (STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.)

Next, while I talked to him, he was amazed at the fact that at that very moment he was reading Mark 11:1-11. On the day before, he taught a lesson to a group of powerful people in San Antonio, and he used the passage Luke 11.

If these are coincidences, then the frequency is very high.

Next, I dug deep in my purse, looking for one of my four digital recorders. It was recording every word and sound that I made on April 15. I looked at the face of the recorder and noted that the file number was 198. The time was 22:44.

Since I was in the mathematics department at a local university when all of this was happening, I stepped into the office of Dr. Rod Holmes. I asked him if he had recognized patterns like these in his life. He said, yes.

He shared with me that his father, the famous Pittsburgh Steelers defensive player was born on July 11 (7/11) and he passed away near Beaumont, Texa...

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