Oakland Raiders: 10 Players They Must Consider for 2013

OK, Raider fans. Are you like me? Are you finally fed up with Darren McFadden and his injuries? Do you realize that our defensive secondary is similar to that of a freshman high school team? Are you gripping for a pickup....any free-agent pickup?

There is hope, my friends. As it stands right now, the Raiders will receive the sixth pick in the 2013 NFL draft. That could go up or down a couple spots depending on how Oakland finishes the season. Unfortunately, it doesn't get so lucky in the second round, as the Bengals take advantage once again of its terrible trade for Carson Palmer.

Don't get me wrong, I think Carson isn't to blame completely, but the structure of the trade will continue to hurt the Raiders until April of next year.

Humor me, folks, and let's take a look at some players that I'd love to see in black and silver next season.

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