Oakland Raider Richard Seymour: A Case For MVP?

If the Oakland Raiders finish the season above .500 this year, Richard Seymour must be at least considered for league MVP.


Yeah, I said it.

Seymour so far looks to be the main culprit behind a turnaround after seven years of darkness.

They say that defense wins games, and that the trenches are the most important part of a football game. Both of those descriptions fit Seymour. 

Add to that the fact that Seymour is having the biggest impact on his team so far this season.

Even though they are winning now, you can see the negative impact losing Seymour has had on the Patriots. They lost last week to the Cleveland Browns because they were unable to get a pass rush or stop running back Peyton "Who" Hillis.

It looks now as if Seymour has brought those two things to the Raiders, along with a certain swagger—one that hasn't been seen in Raider Nation in quite some time.

Two things an MVP does is dominate his position and make those around him better.

Turn the page to see how Seymour has done all of the above in Raider Nation. 

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