Oakland Raider Players That Are Ready to Break out in 2011

In 2010, the Oakland Raiders improved to 8-8 from 5-11 in 2009.

That was due in large part to players like Darren McFadden, Stanford Routt, Michael Huff, and Tommy Kelly breaking out. Jacoby Ford broke out as a kick returner and and former first round outside linebacker Kamerion Wimbley reclaimed his career.

In 2011, the Raiders are still a very young team with talent that has yet to be unleashed. I see some more Raider players that look to be on schedule to unleash that talent and break out.

Should that happen, will we see another three game jump up to 11-5?

I don't know but it will definitely help if these seven players break out.

Turn the page to see who they are.

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