NFL Rumors: 8 Moves the Oakland Raiders Could Make to Get Under the Salary Cap

Have you seen that show “Hoarders”? 

It’s quickly becoming one of my favorites. The formula is the same for each episode: they show you someone’s house that’s become overrun with trash, food, or really anything. Then, after much drama, you get to see them re-capture their lives by trashing-out their houses. 

The process helps the people re-claim their lives, and it’s always satisfying to see them happier at the end than they were at the beginning, even though the process itself can be a tough experience. 

The program shows us that sometimes you get to a point in life where the best thing to do is to just back up the dumpster and throw everything out, get yourself a fresh start. 

The new NFL CBA, and its salary cap, can end up being just as good for a perennially underachieving team like the Oakland Raiders. 

The Raiders have spent the better part of a decade hoarding assets that seemed valuable at the time, but now are starting to clutter up the house to the point where you can’t find the couch anymore. 

As of Thursday morning Oakland is $15.25 million over the cap, the most of any team in the league. They have some serious house cleaning to do, but as “Hoarders” has taught us it can be a good thing to be forced to get rid of some stuff. 

I think this round of house cleaning could be the start of a new life for the Oakland Raiders and their fans. 

So with that in mind here are the players that the Raiders should cut or restructure their deals in order to get under the new salary cap. 

One quick note before we begin, all the salary numbers are the best I could find and I in no way can attest that they are 100 percent accurate. I found what I could then got tired of staring at Google searches, apparently it’s easier to find directions to build a space station...

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