NFL Predictions 2011: Why the Oakland Raiders’ Passion Can Overcome Arizona’s

Hue Jackson is a brand new coach, and he takes the helm after the longest NFL lockout in history. Jackson's drive for success in 2011 ought to be inversely proportional to the hindrances and obstacles of the lockout conditions that restrained him from contact with the Oakland Raiders.

In other words, Jackson's drive should be far more powerful coming out of the challenging situation of the lockout and block out from contact with his team.

The Arizona Cardinals have had the same coach for four years. In 2009, the Cardinals' win-loss average was only .313. In earlier years, the average ranged from .313 to a high of .625 in 2009.

Comparisons with the teams are difficult because of the variability in the Oakland Raiders' coaching position. However, since Jackson has indicated a desire to build a team of bullies, we can expect an unusual amount of passion being injected into the the spirit of the Oakland Raiders.

The Cardinals and the Raiders will clash in a few days in the first preseason game in 2011, on Aug. 11.

Jackson has to prove himself. He has to demonstrate that his contributions in 2010—though they were veiled by his position under Tom Cable—are the real reason the Oakland Raiders ended up with a .500 win-loss average in 2010.  

Everyone knows Jackson is going to have to work hard and fast to show he can make a difference in the Oakland Raiders' pursuit of excellent performance. That's a lot of pressure for a new coach. Let's hope Jackson functions well under pressure.

Most of us see the potential and possibilities of the team getting to the playoffs in 2011.

Go Raiders! A lot is a stake, so do your thing!

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