NFL Lockout: Trouble on Every Side for Oakland and Its Raiders

Some reports say that more than 150,000 jobs in NFL-related activities and businesses are in jeopardy.

Some towns thrive on the action and activity of NFL football. The Oakland Raiders are a positive factor in the economy of the city of Oakland. Overall, the economy is struggling, and the NFL lockout is another factor that is stimulating something, either positive or negative.

While people in the community may be hurt by the lockout, there are some good things that can come out of the negotiations for NFL teams. The process of negotiating needs to be expedited. If the lockout lasts too long, the negative outcomes will overshadow the anticipated positive ones.

Can't they all just get along? Do you remember that quote?

Let's hope for the best. Some of the NFL players planned ahead and set aside money for the lockout which some folks saw coming months earlier.

The benefits of investing money in the fund to help players during the lockout will start being dispursed on April 15th.

What happens to the other players who did not invest in the fund? What about the people whose jobs rely on football being played every Sunday? Let's hope things don't get chaotic, not everybody is getting paid during this challenging period.

Hang in there, Oakland Raiders!

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