NFL Lockout 2011: Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders Are Winning Yet Again

And it begins: The NFL Lockout 2011, which has been dreaded by fans, players, and owners alike, has officially started.


Who should take the blame here? Both sides are pointing fingers at one another. My opinion is that it's the NFLPA's fault all the way.

Have you seen the final offer the owners gave? They practically gave in to everything. Insurance after football, the 18-game debacle, you name it.

Forget about that. This article is about the Oakland Raiders, anyway.

The most active team this offseason, Oakland put millions of dollars into its own free agents and faced much criticism for it. 

Now with the NFL Lockout, Raiders owner Al Davis has once again proved himself to be a mastermind for this game we call football. Word is that there will be no NFL cap in 2011 once the lockout is lifted.

That was one of the main criticisms against the Raiders: What if there's a cap, and you're already over it?

Obviously Mr. Davis knew what he was doing when he made it rain for the likes of Kamerion Wimbley, Richard Seymour, and Stanford Routt (among others).

Now, that same report is also writing that the league is likely to make the required accrued seasons to be a restricted free agent stay at six for this offseason.

What does that mean for the Raiders?

Let me spin it like this. Two key players for the Oakland Raiders, Zach Miller and Michael Bush, have accrued four seasons.

So on any normal year, they'd be unrestricted free agents and therefore would be free to sign with whoever they so wished. Now they'll be restricted free agents.

Al Davis placed a first- and third-round tender on each player, ensuring that in the event they'd be restricted (which apparently they will be), they'll be staying in Oakland.

This is great news not only because both players will be in silver and black during the 2011 NFL...

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