NFL Free Agency 2011: Oakland Raiders Could Be in Play for Free Agents

Talk all offseason from so-called "NFL experts" has pictured the Oakland Raiders to be in a terrible position once the NFL lockout ends.

According to ESPN’s John Clayton, the Raiders could be in cap trouble when free agency starts. They may be unable to re-sign key free agents like Zach Miller and Nnamdi Asomugha, supposedly due to a lack of funds.

The Raiders committed a plethora of cash to free-agents Stanford Routt, Richard Seymour, John Henderson, Hiram Eugene, Rock Cartwright and others before the lockout.

So, the experts theorize, the Raiders are in trouble.

I debunked that myth here.

But if the math of a desperate enthusiast doesn't convince you, then read this piece from Jerry McDonald, NFL writer for the Bay Area News Group

McDonald speculates that the Raiders, and other teams, are never actually in cap trouble.

"Does anyone remember before the the (sic) uncapped season how the Raiders would routinely have these huge overages against the salary cap—as high as $40 or $50 million—and then magically be under the cap and still be players in the free agent market? It happened almost every year. Raiders cap strapped. Raiders make splash in free agency."

These are positive words from a beat writer who some in Raiders Nation consider to have a negative view on the Raiders.

McDonald goes on to talk about how there never actually are any "cap casualties." He says that if a team really wants to keep a player, it will.

It's a foregone conclusion that Zach Miller will be back in Oakland, but Asomugha's future is much cloudier.

Raiders Nation, this all boils down to Al Davis and whether or not he wants to pay $15 million to a cornerback. If he does, we will keep Asomugha.

If not, well...Antonio Cromartie?


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