NFL Football: All Kickers Are Winners After the New Rule Changes

The National Football League’s 32 owners voted Tuesday to move kickoffs up five yards to the 35 yard line. Meanwhile, touchbacks will be kept at the 20 yard line. All of the league’s prominent kick returners have voiced their displeasure about the move.

This new rule change has also stirred the emotions of organizations that have invested millions of dollars into game changing athletes in the return game.

However, contrary to popular belief, this rule change does not alter the overall landscape of the game.

Even the thought that many have tossed out about the “new change” and suggesting to just “start the game at the 20 yard line with the offense” is absurd.  

Granted, these subtle changes that the NFL has moved forward with are intended to eliminate the bone-jarring hits, as everyone grows more and more conscious of player safety.

Many call the kickoff one of the most exciting plays in sports, but that belief will not change just because the ball is moved up five yards.

Since when do kickers get so much credit?

Normally, fans hope their team’s kicker does not choke in a clutch situation. Yet, fans are left with their heart in their gut more often then not.

Suddenly, kickers are becoming more important to the NFL than skilled, speedy, elusive “game-changers”, all due to a five yard rule change.

Perhaps more teams will fork over money like the Oakland Raiders did last offseason Sebastian Janikowski. Raiders owner Al Davis extended Janikowski’s contract to four years and $16 million over that period. 

To date, Janikowski’s contract is the richest deal for any kicker in NFL history, but who’s to say that will not change?

However, with the new rule change set in stone, special teams coordinators and team general managers will be looking for kickers with a heav...

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