NFL Dreamers: Separating the Pretenders From The Contenders

The best weekend the NFL had to offer in their 2010 regular season fizzled into a whimper as it exposed hot air from substance. 

The surprising Tampa Bay Buccaneers took a red hot Atlanta Falcons team to the wire while the scrappy Detroit Lions made the Chicago Bears sweat out another win over them this season. Kansas City took a commanding lead in the AFC West while the Saint Louis Rams and Seattle Seahawks continued their trek to a show down in the last week of the season that could determine the NFC West title. 

Other teams got exposed as more media hype than reality, as their obvious flaws betrayed them when the team needed victory most. San Diego, though statistically still in the hunt for the AFC West crown, were beaten soundly by Oakland and their slow starts to seasons each year appears about to betray them yet again.

Indianapolis is trying to hold their team with gum, shoe laces, and players signed off the street after a enormous rash of injuries, but it appears their eight season playoff appearance streak is in serious jeopardy.

The New York Jets were embarrassed by New England in a game where it was time to proclaim their arrival, yet the damage of the demolition could have a lasting effect. 

Here is a list of the teams still looking at post season aspirations, while breaking down weaknesses and promoting the strengths that could lead each to championship dreams.

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