NFL Draft 2011: Players the Oakland Raiders Should Target Early in the Draft

Ahh, the Oakland Raiders and the NFL Draft.

Around this time of year is when the jokes about Oakland begins; how they'll draft a 39-year old crackpot who weighs 290 pounds to be a quarterback, or how they've began their search in the jungle for the next cheetah who can take the franchise to the next level.

Whatever. Most of the jokes are terrible.

Anyways, last year Al Davis and his Raiders had an excellent draft. They added key players to offense, defense and special teams. Basically, they took advantage of a very strong class.

Oakland did a nice job of drafting the "physical freaks" they covet, who can play and fill a position of need as well.

Now it's 2011 and the Raiders had a solid season at 8-8. No playoffs; nothing spectacular.

The draft is nearing and the chatter is just heating up. Oakland has no first-round selection in the NFL Draft this year; however that could change instantly knowing Al Davis.

The draft is a confusing thing for some, so let me name some players I think the Raiders should consider selecting in Round One or Two.

Please note this is under the assumption that Nnamdi Asomugha will not re-sign with the Oakland Raiders. Although, it's my personal belief that he will, but the consensus right now is that he won't.


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