Miles Burris to Raiders: Video Highlights, Analysis and Scouting Report

The Raiders just got a strong, fiery and versatile linebacker in San Diego State's Miles Burris.

Burris has spent his football career playing inside linebacker. This past season he switched to the outside and looked good doing it. 

Burris has a nose for the ball and is a sure tackler. Defensive statistics are unofficial, but ESPN had him pegged for 76 tackles last season. 

He also knows how to get to the passer. ESPN recorded eight sacks for him last season. 


What Miles Burris Brings to Team

Burris will be able to play either the inside or outside. He has good size at 6'2" and 235 pounds, and he certainly has the strength. He put up 31 reps on the bench, which was good for the third best number of any linebacker. 

Burris is an explosive player. He had a vertical of 37.5" at the combine, and he has a good burst. He is going to have to work on his coverage skills, but he has the physicality and the tackling.  


What Experts Are Saying

The National Football Post has this take on Burris. 

A nasty, hard working football player who displays good instincts, a great motor and a lot of explosive elements to his game. At worst, Burris is a stud special teams guy with the ability to start at the next level. He can play either inside or out as well.


Rookie Impact

If Burris can prove not to be a disaster in coverage, he will get some playing time. With just the threat that he might drop back in coverage, it will allow him to come on the field in pass rush situations to try and get some pressure on the QB. 

Even if he doesn't get on the field at LB, he will prove to be a valuable special teams player. 

Pick Grade

One can't help but wonder if this player, a sixth or seventh rounder talent-wise, will pan out to merit go...

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