Michael Vick’s Restructured Contract Hurts the Oakland Raiders

The Philadelphia Eagles announced that they restructured quarterback Michael Vick’s contract and he’ll remain with the team to compete for the starting job. Although the Eagles aren’t committing to Vick as the starter, he’ll at least be with the team through training camp.

It’s pretty safe to assume the Eagles will not be drafting a quarterback in the first round or try to draft a quarterback in the first round—particularly early. This move hurts the Raiders ability to trade down in the draft and takes another veteran quarterback off the market should they release Carson Palmer.

The Eagles hold the No. 4 overall pick which is right behind the Raiders. With several quarterback-needy teams drafting just behind the Eagles, the Raiders were sitting in a good position to move down for a team looking to jump the Eagles to get a quarterback. That opportunity is now gone and the Raiders only chances to trade down took a major hit.

The only player that has been traded-up to get at No. 3 overall or higher who wasn’t a quarterback over the last decade was Trent Richardson, and the Cleveland Browns only moved up one spot to get him. The likelihood that the Raiders will now be able to trade down is unlikely. The Raiders will likely have to keep their pick, which will make it difficult for Reggie McKenzie to add additional draft picks to make up for the picks the Raiders lost by trading for Palmer and Aaron Curry.

Since the Raiders will have limited picks to work with and probably will not be able to trade down, it’s even more important that they draft an impact player. Jobs could be on the line if the Raiders don’t improve drastically, which makes this offseason one of the most important for the team in a long time.

The Eagles also made sure Vick didn’t hit the open market, taking another veteran quarterback option off the table. Aside from Raiders&r...

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