Matt McGloin Does Enough to Force Quarterback Competition for Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders haven't been married to a single quarterback since the beginning of training camp.

Matt Flynn, who was acquired from the Seattle Seahawks, was expected to be the starter, but Terrelle Pryor took his job before Week 1. Even before then, the Raiders had drafted Tyler Wilson in the fourth round before cutting him in camp.

With Pryor injured this past week, the Raiders were then forced to move onto undrafted free agent Matt McGloin. In Sunday's 28-23 win over the Houston Texans, McGloin came in and threw three touchdown passes in his first NFL start.

His very first pass attempt went for a touchdown, but it's hard to give him too much credit.

The Oakland offense was gifted a short field by their defense after a fumble recovery just a few plays into the game. The Raiders made that short field even shorter with the running game of Rashad Jennings and Marcel Reese, setting the offense up at the goal line.

On 3rd-and-5 at the Houston 5-yard line, the Texans blitzed on the play, leaving plenty of space for the Raiders receivers to work in. Whether from fortune or preparation, the offensive coaching staff had the perfect play called.

The Raiders initially had three receivers to the right and one to the left. Denarius Moore was on the outside of the trio to the right and he was McGloin's first read.

Moore is running a shallow slant route underneath the slot receiver immediately inside of him. That receiver, Rod Streater, runs toward the pylon to draw the attention of the two defensive backs outside. This, combined with Mychal Rivera, who ran straight down the seam from his inside slot position, created a window for Moore to walk into the end zone for a touchdown.

McGloin did what he was supposed to in the play, but, in the context, he also doesn't deserve much credit.

The degree of difficulty of this throw couldn't be lower. McGloin w...

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