Matt Flynn Rumors: Raiders Need Trade to Avoid Terrible Situation at QB

Matt Flynn is not a great fit for the Oakland Raiders at quarterback, but his acquisition would help the team avoid being forced into an even more unsavory option at signal-caller. 

This is a good thing for the Raiders because chances are Flynn will be heading to Oakland. 

For several days, rumors have been popping up that a deal between the Raiders and Seahawks for Flynn is close, and it still appears likely.

Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio reported on Sunday that "the widespread belief for now is that the trade will indeed get done, and that it will happen soon."

The Seahawks signed Flynn in free agency last offseason. It was widely believed he would take over starting duties for the team. However, that was before anyone realized Russell Wilson was capable of being an amazing NFL quarterback.

Flynn is a luxury as a backup, but he is not an ideal one for the Seahawks. He carries a cap hit of a combined $15.5 million over the next two seasons.

That is a nice deal for a starter, but it's pricey for the backup of an entrenched starter.

Now, every team in the league knows that the Seahawks are in this position with Flynn, yet they aren't falling over themselves to trade for the 27-year-old. 

This is undoubtedly because skepticism remains high about Flynn's ability to be a legitimate starter in the NFL. 

In his five NFL seasons, Flynn has two starts with 141 attempts and a completion percentage of 61.7 percent. He has solid accuracy but a below-average arm, and at 27, he lacks the experience most teams would want when finding a starter. 

As the Raiders are currently constructed, the strength of the receiving corps is the speed of Denarius Moore and Jacoby Ford. Flynn's skill set is not one that could fully utilize this speed. 

However, the Raiders don't need to make this trade because Flynn will be their long-term an...

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