Mark Davis Speaks to Reporters and Protesters on Oakland Raiders’ Future Plans

NFL owners met in San Francisco on Tuesday to talk shop and address recent occurrences and rumblings in the league. 

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft used the meeting as an opportunity to accept the NFL’s Deflategate punishments, while Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis faced a wall of heated inquiries about his plans for the team's future.

The New York Post’s Bart Hubbuch and the SportsBusiness Journal’s Daniel Kaplan documented the zoo-like scene that unfolded as Davis addressed reporters and protesters regarding a potential move for the Raiders.

For starters, Davis said he doesn’t want to move the team:

He then handled some fair and balanced needling from a "reporter" in a leather Oakland Raiders jacket:

Hubbuch notes Davis' presser began in a less than amiable atmosphere:

After finishing with the media, Davis walked out to speak with the group of gathered protesters, who represented different teams with ownership/location gripes:

The Los Angeles Times' Sam Farmer tweeted a picture of the protesters:

In a word: eclectic.

Incredibly, this ended well for Davis, and he left to supportive chants:

I would’ve expected a tomato/lettuce spritzing for Davis, but people do tend to appreciate when you give them the time of day. Three cheers for Mark Davis?


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