Mario Edwards Jr. to the Oakland Raiders: Full Draft-Pick Breakdown

There’s only one word to describe the Oakland Raiders second-round pick. Baffling.

Mario Edwards Jr. could very well become an impact player, but he doesn’t fit the Raiders’ needs off the edge. McKenzie needed a pass-rusher that would be the heir to Justin Tuck or a specialist on obvious passing downs, and they get neither from Edwards.

The Florida State defensive lineman is a 6’3”, 279-pound run-stopping 3-4 DE. The Raiders have already improved their run defense by signing defensive tackle Dan Williams and inside linebacker Curtis Lofton. Adding a run-stopper off the edge wasn’t necessary with Mack’s versatile skill set as a pass-rusher and run-stopper.

In addition to a scheme fit issue, it’s clear Edwards was never a pass-rusher. Of course, he fit the mold of a 3-4 DE at Florida State. where he wasn’t expected to crush QBs snap to snap. In the Raiders’ 4-3 alignment, he has to cover more ground off the edge but lacks the speed to close in on QBs.

According to's Derek Stephens, he also has problems with snap count, which is pivotal for DEs lining up in a 4-3 defense:

Where Edwards will need to improve is in his snap count anticipation; he can appear heavy with limited range and he's frequently the last lineman off the ball, making it tough for him to have any impact rounding the edge. He's also easily stood up at times as he lets the pads rise early in the play and struggles to take ground as a result, and he could take better angles to the outside against the run.

This pick also comes as a surprise with better pass-rushing DEs still left on the board when the Raiders were on the clock. Preston Smith out of Mississippi State was still available, and Nate Orchard out of Utah was also an attractive selection. When comparing available prospects, it’s clear who's the least effective in the pass rush:
Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders