Looking Ahead to Oakland Raiders’ 2014 NFL Draft

Just as the Oakland Raiders had many wondering if they'd win another game in 2013, they put together a complete team effort in beating the Houston Texans, once again flashing the potential we hadn't seen in quite a few weeks.

It is games like these that prove just how close the organization is to becoming a playoff contender in the AFC, and even more so when one considers both the wealth of free agent and draft options the front office will have in this coming offseason.

Fortunately, due to the increase in salary cap space, the Raiders should not have trouble re-signing any of their key free agents, allowing them focus solely on adding talent, rather than replacing players as well.

Money will certainly be spent in free agency, but it is imperative that such spending is done wisely, avoiding any situations similar to those that got the organization into the salary cap struggles they are just now emerging from.

What the Raiders will continue to use as the main focus of their re-build is the NFL Draft, thus placing an increased value on their yearly selections.

Should the team maintain a level of play similar to Sunday's victory as they finish out the season, they will be drafting much closer to the middle of the first round instead of within the top five selections they were once projected to be in.

While the current Raiders' regime will certainly stick to the "best player available" draft philosophy, there are a few positions they would be wise to highlight.


The idea of the Raiders selecting a quarterback in the first round, or even at all in the 2014 draft, is far from a lock. However, at this point, is it still very possible.

Terrelle Pryor's athletic ability gives him an incredibly high ceiling as a prospect, and Matt McGloin's play in his first career start has a lot of people excited, but plenty of evaluation remains for ...

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