Junior Seau Remembered in Day of Prayer by Oakland Raiders and Raider Nation

It seems so befitting to ask those who pray to pray for all NFL athletes and for retired ones, too. The news about Junior Seau was announced on www.raiders.com, and it showed the respect that the Oakland Raiders have for one of their renowned colleagues in the NFL.

Seau may have had some deep issues that only he knew about. A man who made a lot of money and enjoyed a lot of fame, in his private moments, must have felt all alone.

One former NFL player who was an Oakland Raiders wide receiver said that being on the NFL playing field with the sound of a million bumblebees is so exhilarating, and to leave that world is to enter into almost total silence. Some men can not adjust to the absence of attention and focus when their careers come to an end. This triggers, in some cases, addictions, depression and other disturbances to a man's inner peace.

One student said Seau must have been depressed. Another said that depression has all kinds of faces.

Didn't anyone notice that Seau was struggling? Did anyone reach out to help? Maybe not. One student said, "A lot of people don't know what to look for or what the signs are."

She continued by saying, "So many people like him are very good at hiding their true self and putting on a facade."

On this National Day of Prayer in the United States, let us consider a moment of silence for the families of people like Mr. Junior Seau. 


from the Math 1332 class in Houston, Texas

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