Joey Levitt, Oakland Raiders Intern, Gave a Good Account of Dec. 6, 1970 Action

Sometimes you need a little "cheering up" when you think about the possibility of a short NFL regular season. Some of us know in our hearts that this is the year for the Oakland Raiders to reclaim the glory that was held for many years in the past and remembered by so many fans.

Today I was encouraged, as I assume many others were. A young intern with the Oakland Raiders wrote an excellent article that was posted on July 10, 2011. The article was an excellent account of a game that I attended at Shea Stadium when I lived in Brooklyn Heights, New York. It is posted on in the News section.

The amazing thing about the article is that the writer was so young when the Oakland Raiders had this miraculous victory over the New York Jets. He must have really done his research or studied the files and videos to give such a detailed account. The article was excellent.

The author of the fine article is Joey Levitt, who is obviously a dedicated fan of the Oakland Raiders. This young man has the potential to become a very outstanding writer. If he was able to pull together such great details from vicarious experiences and through conversations and research, he is definitely an illustrious sports commentator in the making.

In less than 48 hours, I have been encouraged by the presence of an NFL franchise employee, in one setting, and the discovery of a fine article written by a young journalist who has an internship with the Oakland Raiders.

Some of us are old fashioned and we are certainly tempted to believe that the signs are out there as an indicator that the Oakland Raiders are going to have a very good year.

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