Jim Otto: No Matter Which Way You Look at His Name, It Is”Otto”

The senior Oakland Raider, Jim Otto walked down a baseball field just a few days ago. It was good to see the video of him walking across the field with a little strut to his step.

One day I realized that not only was Otto's name unique, his career was impressive.

Granted if you read Otto's name, from left to right, it spells Otto. Also, from right to left, it still spells Otto.

When you look at his name in a reflection in a mirror, it still spells Otto.

If you flip Otto's name with respect tot the x-axis, it still spells Otto.

If you flip Otto's name with respect to the y-axis, it still spells Otto.

Furthermore, you may realize that Otto's name has symmetry with respect to a point, somewhat like a circle has when you focus on the center.

To me, this indicates balance, and as I watched him walk the field while looking at a Raiders.com video, he still had balance and rhythm in his walk.

Otto's number was 00, and it, too, has the same symmetries as his surname, Otto. Try it and see!

Otto had balance and continuity in his career. In his 15-year career, he never missed a game. Now, that is a perfect attendance record. He is an amazing man.

We need more Jim Ottos on the Oakland Raiders team. He is a role model of balance, symmetry, dedication and commitment to excellence.

Thanks, Mr. Otto. Your contributions and achievement as a Hall of Famer are excellent models for this generation of players to emulate.


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