Jason Campbell Says Team Needs “Fans in the Stands” at Preseason Games

It was short and to the point. Jason Campbell shared his perspective on a video saying how important it is for the fans of the Oakland Raiders to show up at the games in the Oakland Coliseum.

The Raider Nation has got to show up!

He emphasized the importance of "fans in the stands." Tomorrow (Aug. 11) will be a great day for many of us who have been bubbling with excitement about the return of the football season as the Raiders take on the Arizona Cardinals.

Since Campbell is encouraging us to show up, it suggests that he personally draws inspiration from seeing a packed stadium at an opening game. The pressure is on him to give us a reason to show up and to believe that this year is the year the Oakland Raiders return to glory and prominence in the NFL.

Kickoff ought to be a powerful moment for the Oakland Raiders. Some of us are looking for some of those great kickoff returns and fantastic plays like Jacoby Ford had in 2010.

Head Coach Hue Jackson adds to the excitement about the start of the season. He says, "Get excited about this football team, because the time is now."

He's right. We have waited a long time. Last year, the sun shined through and we could see hope. Now, it is time to demonstrate that "Hope is still alive" and the Oakland Raiders are ready to thrive and give us those consecutive wins. Yes, it is the preseason, but we still want the wins.

Go Raiders! Show up, Raider Nation!


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