Jason Campbell: Is There an Oakland Raiders Future for Him?

You hate to see a quarterback get thrown aside after working hard to see the team just start to improve.

For Jason Campbell, it was a harsh reality right after surgery, knowing that the team he had fostered back to respectability suddenly mortgaged the future to get another QB.

For the Raiders and the Raider Nation, the desire to both reach the playoffs and do well outweigh the singular player's desire to remain, and a team needing to remain in the hunt for the playoffs...it's the cold, brutal way of life in this day and age of the NFL.

True, the Raiders are needing that QB presence, a play-caller who can work fast, be accurate and be able to break down defenses in short order.

Likewise, they need someone who is dedicated to the team, from when the sun comes up to when the moon comes up and the stars come out.

Campbell's shoes are huge to fill....so why throw him out, ala Jake Plummer?

Oakland, for all purposes, is staking a lot on Carson Palmer coming in and staying healthy for the last 10 weeks of the season. Odds are good, he might not even see activity until the Broncos game following the bye week.

Still, at the rate of recovery by Campbell following surgery, What happens if Palmer suddenly stumbles?

Or worse yet, suffers his own disastrous outing, leading the fans to clamor for Campbell?

In Oakland, there is no such thing as a sure thing.

Coach Hue Jackson might like having his old buddy from Cincy taking snaps, but at the same time, how many of us wished for Jim Plunkett in the 1980s, when Marc Wilson was busy fumbling away the ball?

Jackson should consider it simply, that if Palmer is not all he felt he is and is running out of gas, that Campbell still can offer things to the Raiders...and pull his buddy to give the Raiders the best possible chance this year.

Once the season is done, then it becomes both a qu...

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